GMP Purification Workshop

We have GMP purification workshop, adopting the central air conditioner system, which has constant temperature, permanent humidity, dust removal disinfects, ventilating the workshop, separating the flow of people and the flow of cargo, according to the requirement of environmental protection, health and safety, to ensure good working environment and stability of the products’ quality.

  • Professional R&D team and laboratory center

  • Energy saving, efficient, stable and environmental protection equipment

  • Build the long-term strategic partnership with world-class suppliers

  • We have advanced international analytical instruments and testing equipment

Improved Quality Control System

  • Strictly checking the raw material and auxiliary material, and guarding against gradual creeping.

  • Fully monitoring the production process and be accurate traceability.

  • Fully inspecting the product performance and keeping improving.

  • Promptly communicating with customer and providing perfect service.

We pay high attention to customer and industry technology development, and provide complete packaging solutions. With professional technology center, we provide scientific design project and periodical technical support services. At the same time, Lucky time shares years of professional experience in packaging and innovations with customers, in order to provide the optimized value-added services.


Scrap rate reduction and efficiency improvement

Our printer has a variety of efficient operation function, which can effectively reduce the startup time, the machine downtime and scrap rate by the gravure press push model. Include: mechanical design becomes more compact, due to the lack of compensation device and make the short walk of about 20%: improve the convenience for the device operating when to create a new task under the current one in progress: improve the precision of the pre sets, which reduce the maintenance of machine parts caused by the wear and tear.

Great productivity and first-class print quality

The basis of improving product quality and machine productivity is from the mike mature technology of electronic shaft (ES). The first manufacturer Mike who works to use the electronic axis into the gravure printer. Therefore, it gains the considerable improvement (improve the speed of the pre sets and reduce the length of the volume rail), it has become one of the largest attention of the important research field by mike since 1995.

Important way of the energy management

Efficient ventilation and drying device has the technical advantage to improve equipment productivity and keep the environment. The purpose of the design is able to connect the oxidant/solvent recovery without any obstacles. The open book type of the dryer provides the good idea for web set threading and fast and safely clean the air roller and jet nozzle.

Superior Alignment Performance

HDI (high dynamic interface) functions combined with the ms mike electronic axis (ES) technique and Registron ® 5100 S alignment control system, it makes the alignment correction a few times faster than the traditional system, Especially in the key moment of the changes in the rate of equipment.

Cosmoline Pro

​The printer is controled by COSMOLINE PRO,, it mainly includes a industrial computer management system with equipment parameters, Automatic alarm system and data recorder. All the data of the built-in auxiliary equipment management is fully integrated in COSMOLINE PRO.

Shaft Double Roll Device

The printer has a axial double roll device configuration. It can make XX operation under the max speed. This is an effective technical solution to Optimize the use of recycling the electricity, then which reduce the energy consumption considerably.

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